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East Texas veteran receives help finishing family's dream home after being scammed out of life savings

The Cormican family has been through ups and downs with building their dream home. So a group of East Texas contractors are making sure it gets completed.

HENDERSON, Texas — A local military vet who was scammed out of his life savings is finally seeing progress on his family's new home. All thanks to the generosity of his East Texas neighbors.

Chris and Rosemary Cormican have experienced a lot of stress trying to build their dream home in the outskirts of Henderson

"The idea was to kind of have a sanctuary. A place to come home to and a place where our kids could run around," Rosemary Cormican said.

A home Chris Cormican wanted to build after serving as an army combat engineer for eight years. 

"I was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq," Chris Cormican said. "I was deployed for over a year and while I was there I was in three separate IED instances. One of them being pretty bad. One of my buddies was killed."

After serving, he invested almost $400,000 to build their house, but according to the Cormican’s that money was stolen and the family was left with nothing but a wooden frame.

"The house has been sitting here for several months without it being finished getting rained on sun, baking it," Chris Cormican said.

CBS19 shared their story last August. That’s when the phone started ringing with calls of help.

"There were a few individuals and companies that decided they want to try to help us out. So obviously we welcomed their help," Chris Cormican said.

Among those helping, an employee with Redline Roofing heard about their story and explained the situation to the company owners.

"Before they even watched the video they said yes, let's do it," said Dean Mize, project manager for Redline Roofing.

Mize started sourcing and got other East Texas contractors on board as well. 

"We had somebody that was willing to put a roof on our house free of charge," Rosemary Cormican said. "They were able to get the materials that were covered for that. We had contractors like our framer and the person who put up the siding that was willing to take significant cuts."

"This just happens to be where myself and Sergio, and all the rest of the contractors that are out here helping God use us right now," Mize said. 

"We really wanted to thank everybody," Rosemary Cormican said. "This house is already, it's much different than any other home because literally it is built with the hands of volunteers. There's something amazing about that."

The Cromicans currently have a GoFundMe page you can donate to. They say any and all funds are a blessing

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