An East Texas family is fighting the state to keep their son alive. Three year old Asa Robinson was adopted with multiple medical conditions, including a hole in his heart and shaken baby syndrome.

Charity Robinson said she and her husband were promised Medicaid coverage by Child Protective Services until he turned 18.

On September 1, they found out that may all change.

"When we agreed to adopt him, we were told that he would keep Medicaid. No matter what. No matter what our resources were. He would keep his Medicaid until he was 18, because of his special needs," she said.

Charity says they pay for over-the-counter medications, but the state promised full coverage on nearly everything else Asa needed.

"We're intermittently on oxygen. We're feeding tube fed," she said.

The Robinsons were told they wouldn't qualify to keep coverage for two reasons. First, they have "too much" in savings. She was told her more than $3,500 in the bank was too much.

"My son's going to have to have a heart surgery again. My husband and I have been purposefully putting back $100 every paycheck," she said.

The second reason, they have a third car. Robinson said they have a family of seven, and it fits everyone, including medical equipment.

Right now, the family is in a 90 day grace period, but that ends on December 1.

Trying to keep their minds off of what could be, Charity said these changes will impact children searching for their forever homes.

"There's going to be a lot of kids, that shouldn't be, that are going to end up in a nursing facility, that are never going to have a chance at a home," she said. "We weren't given what we were promised in the beginning."