East Texas is seeing a rise in gun sales. Owners say the reasons why is a complicated issue. During the 2016 presidential election, fear of losing the second amendment caused many people to buy weapons.

"If the other side won, there was a fear that guns would be taken away," Eagle Eye Firearms owner Brad Clark says. "People started stocking up in case of a shortage and rise in prices."

Clark says hand guns and rifles such as the AR-15 is a popular weapon. He sees many customers buying the weapon.

"I am a gun enthusiast who was nervous that our second amendment right might be taken away," Arthur Carsten says. "I want to always be able to protect my family."

Safety classes are offered at his business. He stresses the importance of property using a firearm and keeping it away from others, especially children.

CBS Philadelphia reported the increase of gun ownership in minorities. After Donald Trump won the election and after the unarmed shooting in Minnesota, many minorities bought weapons

To learn more about firearm safety, contact Brad Clark at Eagle Eye Firearms in Kilgore.