It's almost the busiest time of year to travel, not to mention family and friends gathering together.

This increases the spread of germs and the chances of getting sick.

East Texas moms say they try to fight the spread of germs by cleaning, making sure there's disinfectant wipes, and if they are out and about with kids, to always have hand sanitizer ready.

Walgreens Flu Index shows East Texas has the highest levels of flu activity. The Center for Disease Control lists Texas in the top 4 states for flu cases.

This flu season has also been deadly. 3 people in Dallas county have already died.

Medical professionals say to keep everything clean, wash your hands, and cover your mouth when you cough. At the first sign of feeling bad excuse yourself from a group and see a doctor.
There is an increase of people going to hospital or emergency clinics on Christmas Day and the days after due to the flu and other illnesses.