Dustin Lee has had a rough past. Now as cold weather comes in, he relies on Hiway 80 Rescue Mission for shelter. "There's nowhere for you to stay and it's hard to find a place to feel safe," Lee says. "The places I could stay at are too dangerous."

Lee has a fiancé that is currently in Hiway 80's women shelter. He says anything is better than fighting the cold. "Living in the woods before i got here,all we had was a sheet and a pillow, and our dog."

Hiway 80 Executive Director Eric Burger says the they are seeing a significant increase to people seeking shelter. "Because we live in Texas, people are not ready for the cold," Burger says.

Burger tells me the mission typically sees around 150 people a day, due to the weather that number rises to 250. They are out of beds so they lay mattresses out. The mission also is doing more than helping people escape the cold.

"We don't just want to take care of the temporary issue," Burger tells us. "We want people to have a transformed life."

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission is asking for the public's help in donating hats, gloves, and coats. Visit their website at- http://www.hiway80rm.org/