Law enforcement officers are supposed to be the epitome of law and order, but sometimes, even the law ends up in trouble.

That is the case of former police officer Noble Kelley of the Whitehouse Police Department. He resigned a month ago after being the subject of several internal affairs investigations alleging sexual misconduct dating as far back as 2012.

Some of those allegations included Kelley having sex with several women on the job. Text messages show him discussing previous intercourse with a woman on top of his patrol car -- also while on duty.

Just weeks later in Nacogdoches County -- the sheriff's office placed Chief Deputy Stephen Godfrey on administrative leave after he was indicted on aggravated perjury charges. We are still looking into the charges relating to this case.

That brings us to the most recent allegation to date. The Texas Rangers are looking into an incident out of Alto involving former deputy Donald Williams. Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell confirmed Williams' resigned, but did not release the date or any corresponding paperwork.

Right now law enforcement officials are not releasing details of the incident or the investigation involving Donald Williams.

CBS19 will bring you more on all of these cases as we get more information.