WHITEHOUSE, Texas — Pictures can say a lot about a person, place or even a memory. They capture moments in time that we can look back on and reflect. 

Whitehouse photographer Johnny Lathrop said he was inspired by other photographers in Texas, documenting families' experiences during COVID-19. 

"You know not to go real deep, but when you go and look back at the Great Depression photos and people during World War II and even during 911, I thought, well, why not document something like this," Lathrop said. 

From birthdays and graduations, to day-to-day quarantine challenges, Lathrop is helping East Texans capture this unusual moment in time with free front porch photo shoots. 

"So there were some families who wanted a nice formal picture taken, which I did. There were other families where some people got into a bathroom tissue fight, throwing rolls of toilet paper at each other. So, that was fun. So, I just kind of went with the flow." 

For some families, the photo shoot included a trip to grandma and grandpa's house, while still staying socially distant. 

"Some people had gone and visited their family and they couldn’t make contact, so we actually shot them through the front door. So, they were keeping social distancing."

Lathrop said he uses a telephoto lens to take the pictures and maintain a safe distance. 

"Plus, it kept my skills sharp because I havent been able to get out and shoot pictures."

Regardless, he said this experience has shown him just how much we all value human connection. 

"In the early part of the quarantine, it was just nice to see other people and say hey, how you doing, y'all need anything? It’s just that human connection. It's just so vital to what we do."

For more information about the front porch photos, visit Lathrop Photography on Facebook.