Bullying continues to be a conversation across the nation, and National No One Eats Alone Day works to combat that.

Arp Junior High School took part in the day to make sure none of their students ate alone at lunch.

The day is was all about arming kids with the tools to fight bullying.

It prompted them to not just talk about it, but take action against it.

Students were asked to get outside of their normal friend groups at lunch, and find kids they didn't know to eat with.

For one student, Hunter Nash, this day hit home with him, because when he first moved to East Texas a year ago, he ate alone.

"Well I think it's just to bring isolated kids together, and to get rid of the whole idea that you have to have a crowd, that you can't just be friends with everyone," Nash said.

The students also made a banner with words of encouragement for their fellow classmates who might struggle with isolation and bullying.