HOUSTON COUNTY — Curtis Shoemake, a 60-year-old Grapeland man, was arrested on Tuesday by the Houston County Sheriff's Office for murder in the Dina Shoemake case.

According to authorities, Shoemake was reported missing and was not seen since January 2000.

Lieutenant Justin Killough has been working at the Houston County Sheriff’s office for more than 20 years. He said the search for Dina is one of the biggest he remembers.

“A pretty extensive search and of course everything was put into the media as well and different agencies were brought in," said Killough. "It was an extensive effort.”

The sheriff's office also said that Curtis was Dina's ex-husband, and the two had one son together.

Dina also had a daughter from another relationship.

A case was open by the sheriff's office for the next 18 years, and deputies worked every tip they got until it was exhausted.

Three months after the case's 18th anniversary, Houston County Sheriff, Darrel Bobbit assigned two investigators to the case, and a True Crime TV crew came down and documented their journey.

“We went back and talked to all the old witnesses and re-conducted some interviews and got a little more information and were able to disprove some stuff that we had been told in the past,” said Detective Ryan Martin with the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

After new statements and evidence came through, investigators lead the case to be presented to the Houston County Grand Jury for review.

Authorities issued an indictment on Tuesday, and Shoemake was arrested and brought to the Houston County Jail.

Killough said the indictment is a step in the right direction.

“Most people would think, once you bring some type of closure to that case," said Killough. "Whether it be an arrest, an indictment or that person you are going to be relieved.”

Curtis Shoemake is currently waiting for his court appearance. His preset bond is set at $100,000.