Ahead of Monday night's wintry weather, East Texas power companies are on standby in case power outages occur.

The Electrical Liability Council of Texas has issued a peak power warning to let people know that power companies like Oncor are expecting heavier than normal power usage.

Oncor is advising people to be smart about how much power they use, but say they're prepared if the need arises.

Spokesperson Charles Hill said despite Monday being a national holiday, all crews are on standby with the materials needed.

He said it's important that they're ready for anything, as every storm is different.

"I always say every storm has it's personality. Snow doesn't bother us too much. Sleet doesn't bother us too much. What gives us a hard time is freezing rain and wind. We had a storm back 10 years ago that was pretty substantial and we had outages for several days," Hill said.

The company prepares all year round, trimming trees during the summer months.

Hill said it's the most effective thing they can do to keep people's lights on during these types of storms.

As of Monday evening, Oncor said they have around 300 to 400 people on standby throughout East Texas. A spokesperson for Swepco said the power company also had multiple employees on standby in case outages occur.