LONGVIEW — John Tyler and Longview first played each other on a football field in 1912 and have battled against each other almost every year since.

“I’m expecting a good hard-fought game,” said Longview resident Wayne Rowlett.

While a title is not on the line tonight for the lions and lobos, the rivalry is still there for their 92nd matchup.

"Both towns are great football rivalries, but both towns are great towns," said John Tyler graduate Nathaniel Fields. "East Texas football is some of the best football around as you know some of the greats have come through here Earl Campbell and all the others and we really appreciate East Texas coming together in a friendly rivalry."

Longview is ranked 3rd in the state for Class 6A and John Tyler is 85th in the state for Class 5A.

Lobos Head Coach, John King, has a 7-3 lead on the lions while John Tyler Head Coach, Ricklan Holmes, is 2-2 against Longview.

Fans said that no matter the outcome of tonight's game the rivalry will continue.

“I am expecting a Lobo victory, I’m picking Longview to win,” Rowlett said.

“Good football fight and hopefully John Tyler will come in on top,” Fields said.