One person's show of support for a coaches wife battling cancer sparked a chain reaction of compassion and support, and even a friendship, at one East Texas school.

Sebastian Nichols didn't realize at first the impact he made after shaving his head for his teammate's mom and assistant coaches wife, Carla Morrison, who is battling a form of bone cancer.

Sebastian told teammate Zach Morrison, Carla and Benji Morrison's son, and Zach stepped in, offering to shave Sebastian's head, which sparked a friendship.

Since then, the entire East Texas Christian Academy community is finding its own way to support Carla in her battle. For instance, Lane, another student, also shaved his head, and the East Texas Christian Academy volleyball team dedicated their pink out game, a game where everyone is encouraged to wear pink in support of Carla.

Carla's battle may just be beginning, but she says cancer will not have the victory.