KILGORE, Texas — After an overnight storm ripped through Kilgore early Thursday morning, residents could not immediately survey the damage due to a widespread power outage. 

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When the sun rose, it became clear the severity of damage the storm caused for thousands of families. 

"We've had some good storms in this area but nothing this bad," Kilgore resident Phillip Allen said.

Two large trees, neither from Allen's yard, were uprooted and blown into his home as straight-line winds raced through his neighborhood. 

“There’s a big pine tree and an oak tree that’s on top of the house. It took out the bathroom in the master bedroom," Allen explained. "It’s totally gone.”

Immediately after hearing the trees fall into his home, Allen says he ran into the living room to check on his son Patrick. 

“Right at that moment, I just felt the house shake and just heard a big boom," Allen recalled. "It scared me. It scared my son.”

Sixteen-year-old Patrick has reasons to count his blessings. Not even a minute before the trees collapsed, he walked from the kitchen into the living room no more than five feet away. 

“I was really shook up. I was scared," Patrick said. "I’ve never been through anything like this. But luckily, like I said, I was up at the time and was out of the kitchen when it came down not even 30-seconds before it happened.”

It was a close call that the father and son say they will never forget. 

“My biggest thoughts were thank God for letting everybody be okay, and that even though it’s bad," Patrick said. "It could have been a lot worse."

Their home is unlivable after the storm, but as they surveyed the damage, they say there is a silver lining. 

“We’re all safe," Allen said. "Things can be rebuilt. Things can be replaced. But everybody’s alive. Everybody’s safe. That’s what matters.”