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Feral wild hogs invading multiple counties in East Texas

Wild hogs are known in East Texas, but hog hunters say the dry conditions and heat is causing their population to rapidly grow.

Henderson — Wild hogs are unpredictable and extremely dangerous experts say the safest thing to do is get away from them and contact a professional hog hunter."

Brian Benson has spent years trapping and removing wild hogs in East Texas. He says due to their unpredictable nature he takes extra precautions around them.

"This year's just been hot there's so many of them they can have up to two litters a year and can have up to 13 on each litter," Benson says.”

Texas Game Wardens say wild hogs have managed to survive, adapt, and increase their numbers despite attempts at population control.

Benson mentions the best way to keep out wild hogs is with an electric fence but after a while ,they will find another way to get in or destroy the fence.

"If you leave him alone and try to back away from him real easy, nine times out of ten he's going to go the other way,” Benson says. “If a mama hog spots you, you got a 50/50 chance.”

To learn more about wild hogs check out the Texas Game Wardens website by clicking here.