TYLER, Texas — Volunteers in Tyler continued to work to set up for a special concert in an unusual venue by noted country star Lee Greenwood.

The Church Under the Bridge will host the concert. Volunteers helped to clean trash, wash pillars and even hang balloons to make the venue more festive. The centerpiece will be a mural of the American flag.

"The main thing about tomorrow is how everybody together under this bridge, whether you have a home or you don't have a home, everybody's coming together as one community," Tyler City Councilman Don Warren said.

The concert is free, however organizers are hoping to use the event to raise money for Hunger for Love, a non-profit providing free breakfast to Tyler's homeless.

"Helping them just make that step to find the opportunity and help them give them a hand up. That's what it's all about," volunteer Maggie Roth said.

Hunger for Love will have a table at the concert accepting donations. Donations may also be made online.

The concert starts at 1 p.m. at 215 W. Valentine Street