The late Tom Perryman introduced music legends to East Texas in the '50s, including Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

Perryman spent over 70 years in the radio industry, and the legendary DJ broadcasted live music out of the KSIJ studio for years before passing away in January.

"He loved to discover new talent, new artists from what we've been told. That was a part of his legacy and we're excited to carry on that legacy." said Chad Mauldin, producer at Mauldin Productions

Mauldin Productions now calls the historic building home.

Chad Mauldin, producer at Mauldin Productions has worked with local East Texas artists, like Chris Colston in the new space already and says they can feel the history and creativity as well.

What was once a radio station where legends roamed the halls, is now a production studio with the same historic feel.

"This is a historic recording studio space, 1950's era sorta space, but we are making modern records here, so it's really neat, we have modern gear, we have the best of modern and historic vintage gear." said Mauldin.

Maudlin didn't do much to the space besides some light cleaning, he says he wants to keep the history intact.

"Being in a building like this with all of the history and the vibe, all of that. It's just a very creative place to be in." Mauldin said.

Mauldin hopes history repeats itself and he is able to produce legendary artists like the ones that once roamed the halls of the building.