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RISING FROM THE ASHES: Greenberg Smoked Turkey rebuilt, ready to serve for the 2021 holiday season following fire

“I’m proud to say, we are back,” stated Sam Greenberg, president of Greenberg Smoked Turkey.

TYLER, Texas — After a catastrophic fire destroyed the primary freezer and shipping facility at Greenberg Smoked Turkey in Nov. 2020, the Greenberg family and team worked furiously to have everything rebuilt. 

Now, as the 2021 holiday season approaches, Greenberg Smoked Turkey is glad to announce they are going to have turkeys available for Thanksgiving.

 The finishing touches are being added to the new freezer and shipping docks, and final preparations are being made to start smoking turkeys for this year.

“I’m proud to say, we are back,” stated Sam Greenberg, president of Greenberg Smoked Turkey. “This is it...the season has begun.” 

The more than 10 months between the fire and now were not easy ones, and the rebuilding process was made even more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic and the current supply chain challenges around the world.

“There are talks of turkey shortages this year,” Greenberg said. “But we have more turkeys than ever before and are ready to serve the best customers in the world.” 

After a lot of work and a tough year, Greenberg Smoked Turkey is back and ready for the 2021 season.

Customers can place their orders online at any time by visiting www.gobblegobble.com. 

On the site, they’ll also find information about turkey pricing and shipping rates, both of which are readily provided so that customers can plan for their purchases easily and without estimating costs. 

The team at Greenberg Smoked Turkey recommends ordering your turkeys early, especially this year, because of the high shipping volumes caused by the e-commerce boom and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Turkeys come in weights ranging from six to 15 pounds, but customers ordering after Thanksgiving may have less options as some sizes of turkeys are out of stock by the beginning of Dec.    

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