It's a phone scheme that's been happening across Gregg County.

The sheriff's office warns that they are upping their game. Now, they are impersonating the U.S. Marshalls.

Deputy Joshua Tubbs says they've also done their research. The schemers already know your name, address, and date of birth.

They then use this information and say you have a violation, giving options are to either pay a fine or go to jail.

The impersonators are also telling people they are working out of the 188th district court in the Gregg County Courthouse.

Deputy Tubbs says if you are worried or unsure if the call is real or not to ask to call them back.

"With any legitimate law enforcement agency. They're not going to have a problem giving you their name, their supervisors name, the department they work for, and then letting you call them back. Tubbs said.

The sheriff's office does not have any reports of people falling victim to this scheme yet, but they are receiving more and more calls about it everyday.