The Hallsville High School Band lost a part of their family on Saturday.

Band Director Sherri Morgan says Heath Fauchex,17, and Will Brandon, 16, were both great musicians and leaders in the band.

Heath played the French horn and Will was a sousaphone tuba player. Both shinning stars in their sections. Thomas Larry, 11, was a future band star, who was set to enter the six grade beginners band program.

Morgan says students and staff are heartbroken about the loss.

“We were in a state of shock and the kids were just devastated,” Morgan says.

Many saying they have not come to grips with the thought of their friends no longer here. Morgan has fond memories of her special students.

"The band took a trip to perform at the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, both of those young men were there and I have all kinds of pictures of them.” Morgan says. “We are going to remember the good times."

School begins August 28th, and Morgan says is already working with other staff to comfort students. She wants them to know they can cry and talk about losing their friends.