After two high school shootings this week, both in Kentucky and Italy, Texas, one East Texas district isn't taking any threats lightly.

Henderson Police Chief Chad Taylor said he found out about a threat from a student on Sunday made on Instagram.

Since the case is under investigation, he wasn't able to tell CBS19 what the post said. Immediately, the Rusk County District Attorney got involved.

"Anything we think is a major threat, we get the district attorney involved," Chief Taylor said. "Any threats from anybody, we're going to take serious. You throw a school shooting into it, and you've got our attention. We're going to respond immediately, and we're going to respond efficiently."

The name of the student who made the threat has not been release, because the person is a minor.

Chief Taylor said the student is in juvenile detention.

Henderson High School Principal Terry Everitt sent CBS19 a statement:

"The terroristic threat that was made on Sunday against Henderson High School was handled promptly by the Henderson Police Department. Henderson High School had a regular school day on Monday with no incidents. The safety of our students will always be our first priority.

Chief Taylor said parents must monitor what their kids do on social media.

"They might see this as a joke between friends, but they need to understand it's not a joke. We've had two school shootings in this country in the last two days. It's something that is taken very serious," he said. "That's how we're going to take it, and we're going to deal with it as a serious issue."

Taylor said the Rusk County Sheriff's Office will be patrolling the high school this week, to make sure faculty, students and parents feel safe.