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TIPS: How to prepare for strong winds ahead of possible storms

All it takes is a tree branch at 50MPH to shatter windows and 100MPH to penetrate exterior walls.

TYLER, Texas — Many East Texas counties are expected to see strong or even severe storms roll in, and with the rain will come heavy winds.

The National Weather Service alerts the public about high wind events using the following criteria:

  • High Wind Warning: Take Action! Sustained, strong winds with even stronger gusts are happening. Seek shelter. If you are driving, keep both hands on the wheels and slow down. NWS offices issue this product based on local criteria.
  • High Wind Watch: Be Prepared! Sustained, strong winds are possible. Secure loose outdoor items and adjust plans as necessary so you're not caught outside. NWS offices issue this product based on local criteria.
  • Wind Advisory: Take Action! Strong winds are occurring but are not so strong as to warrant a High Wind Warning. Objects that are outdoors should be secured and caution should be taken if driving. NWS offices issue this product based on local criteria.

All it takes is a tree branch at 50 mph to shatter windows and 100 mph to penetrate exterior walls. Proper planning may help to save property and potentially people from injury and inconvenience when severe weather strikes.

Tips to prepare for heavy winds:

  • Bring in unsecured objects from patios and balconies, and secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture or garbage cans that could blow away and cause damage or injury. 
  • Move vehicles to garages or away from trees
  • Check trees and branches for any that could break off during a storm and have them removed
  • Secure and shut off your outdoor pool. Turn off the circuit breaker to your outdoor pool and remove the motor to prevent damage.
  • Have an emergency kit prepared in case of a power outage with items like flashlights, batteries, weather radio, etc.

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