An investigation into life-threatening injuries to a toddler taken to a Longview hospital on May 16 to the arrest, 14 days later, of a 23-year-old Gladewater man, according to court records.

Aaron Matthew Starr was released May 31 on $29,000 bond from Gregg County Jail on a warrant from the Gregg County District Clerk's Office for injury to a child/elderly/disabled person with intent to cause serious bodily injury/serious mental deficiency and local warrants for affidavits of incarceration for driving while intoxicated and unlawful carrying of a weapon, jail records show. Longview police arrested him May 30.

The investigation leading to Starr’s arrest started after he and the child’s mother brought the boy to the hospital with several bruises on his body, large swollen bumps on his head, a cut on his head and foot and a blown pupil in an eye, the arrest warrant said.

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