After 34 years of earning 2's at marching competition, the John Tyler Band finally received a superior 1 rating and all 200 plus band students are nothing less than thrilled.

More than 15 weeks of marching drills for the Big Blue Band, got them on the right foot once marching competition came around.

Larry Wade was a member 20 years ago, and has been the head band director for seven years. This year he helped march the team to victory.

"We reached out to some people to try to get some advice and help get us out of this hump," said Wade.

Now the Big Blue has a trophy to show for their hard work.

"It's just total disbelief," Donovan Fields, drum major for the band said. "To see how far we've come and all the work we've put in to finally see it was worth it."

It's a division 1 trophy that hadn't been won since 1984.

"It's been amazing," Wade said. "They've been excited . They've been crying I've been crying. We've all been crying. We've been laughing, taking pictures with the trophy. Because none of the students were born. I was just a youngster."

While it's been a long wait for band queen Jackie Garcia, she said it is all worth it.

"It took us," Garcia said. "Well for me four years to finally achieve the 1 that we've been striving for. All our hard work and dedication finally paid off."

"I felt this was the year to get it done," Wade said.

While their division 1 rating on Saturday does end their marching competition season, you can still catch them on Friday nights at John Tyler Field.