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Julie and Jade hope to find a forever home together

Two teenage sisters hope to stay together as their dream for a forever family continues.. Julie is 14 years old and Jade is 15. The sisters share a very special bond,

Sisters, Julie and Jade, may be very different, but they share a very special bond. Jade is 15 years old.

"I am a really big girlie, girl," Jade said.

Julie is just a year younger at 15.

"I just like to be outside and with my family," said Julie.

Jade and Julie are more than just sisters. They're best friends, so who better to tryout the Tyler Escape Room with than someone you love and trust. "She means a lot," Julie said. "She means the world."

"Can't even describe it into words," said Jade. "She's like a best friend."

Jade is outgoing. "I love to hang out with friends and family, get to know people. I am a very friendly person," said Jade. She enjoys make-up, photography and art. "I love to draw and read. I love to do volleyball. It is one of my all time favorite sports."

Those who know Jade say she could become a great leader with some love and encouragement. Overall, she performs well in school and has a lot to offer a family.

"It would be nice to have a dad figure and I want a mom who doesn't leave us," said Jade.

Both Jade and Julie would benefit from parents who can give them guidance and structure in their teen years and as the mature into adults.

Julie is a little shy, but easy going. "Play outside, mowing, riding bikes," said Julie.

She also enjoys her church youth group and learning. "School is very fun," said Julie. "I love math, food." Julie already knows the career path she plans to take. "I want to be a police officer," said Julie.

While both girls like to help others, they're also in need of love themselves and parents who are patient, accepting and loving since they've been through a lot already.

"I am hoping the family will actually love us and understand that we might not call them mom and dad immediately, but at least we will have a mom and dad figure," said Jade.

Most of all Jade and Julie need their new family to include each other. "It is very important. At least I have one sister with me," said Jade.