KILGORE, Texas — The City of Kilgore is working to classify unsafe structures and issue warnings and citations to residents who do not comply when a notice is given. 

Kilgore considers structures that have high weeds, broken windows or doors, or started to collapse as unsafe and potentially dangerous to residents. 

"You have to worry about kids going in it and playing and could possibly get hurt or the structure being used for illegal activities," city code enforcement officer Justin Windham said. 

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According to Windham, you will be sent a notice if your property is considered unsafe. 

"Usually we give them 30 days to either make repairs or start to demo the property," Windham said. 

If a response is not given within the first 30 days, a warning will be sent to the person who owns the property. After those 30 days, you could receive a citation if a decision isn't made. 

The city says once the 60 day period is over, they can send a citation and take over the property. The city can then demolish the structure. 

If you need to report a potentially unsafe structure, visit the City of Kilgore. There is also a mobile app that gives people the same option. 

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