Deputies in Liberty County had a little fun Thursday morning when the suspect involved in a potential wild hog traffic hazard turned out to be somewhat of a performer.

Deputies were responded to a report of a loose "very large wild hog" along Highway 321 near County Road 685 at about 9:30 a.m. Thursday by a caller who was concerned the "wild hog" might cause a wreck if got into the road according to a release fro the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

When deputies and Precinct 5 constables arrived on what they feared could possibly be a critical situation they found "Miss Piggie," a huge domestic show pig according to the release.

"Miss Piggie" seemed more interested in snuggling up to her new captors and posing for selfies with deputies than running out in the road and causing problems according the sheriff's office.

When deputes arrived a neighbor had "secured" her with "a dog leash that any miniature Chihuahua with a bad attitude could have easily broken" according to the release.

The owner, when located, told deputies that "Miss Piggie" had been a prized show pig who was passed down among family members after she retired and was kept in what they had thought was a secure pen.

The wandering pig completely destroyed her pen in order to get out and roam along Highway 321 and didn't ever get too far from home.

"Miss Piggie" was taken into custody by deputies and returned to her owner without further incident.