LINDALE — A Lindale High School student says he's not too worried about getting into college, after scoring perfect on his ACT.

Junior Sam Payne says he knew he did well but was surprised to see his score.

"I didn’t feel like i did perfect and knew I had missed a couple, but I guess not," Payne says.

Payne is applying to several schools including Stanford, MIT, LeTourneau University and Texas A&M.

His principal says in her 30 year career in education, she's never had a student earn a perfect score.

“He's so brilliant and he's so focused,” Lindale High School Principal Valerie Payne says. “He is concerned about his education and he will be a tremendous success."

The average ACT score is 24. Less than one percent of all high school students who take the a-c-t earn a perfect score.

Payne's favorite subject is math but he still hasn't decided wat major he would like to study in college.