LINDALE — As a high school student winning at the state level is an award not many can add to their list of accomplishments.

For band students at Lindale High School, being a state champ is’t so rare.

The school’s band competed at the state military band competition this past week and brought home a home a first place trophy.

“It is just so exciting looking back at all the years of hard work and knowing that all of our hard work finally paid off," Haylie Horton said, a drum major and senior in the band.

It’s the third year in a row the Eagle Band has brought a state championship trophy back to Lindale High School.

According to band director Steve Moore, with seven bands competing for the title, the competition was deeper and more competitive than ever.

”You had great bands -- and more bands came this year to the contest -- you know more competition makes it tougher to succeed," Steve Moore said, band director of the Eagle Band.

”We had lufkin they moved down from 6A and they're a very good band and then we had cleveland move up from 4A," Carrie Waever, a drum major and senior in the band, said.

And with previous back to back state titles, the seniors wanted to leave with one more.

"Maintaining that tradition of excellence that we have here was really a big pressure on our backs," Hayden Nicholson, a drum major and senior in the band, said.

The majority of the members are underclassman. Out of 226 members,167 are freshman and sophomores.

“The bands very young this year -- so we’ve come a long way -- to be able to do this is a big accomplishment for us," Moore said.

Hearing the Lindale High School Band get called for first, brought both cheers and relief.

“Lindale being called out was called out as being in first place was just a crazy moment filled with so much joy and so much excitement," Horton said.