Longview native Jahcorrian Burkes returned to Houston on Thursday after spending a month in Puerto Rico helping hurricane victims.

Burkes said although he is glad to be back in Texas, hurricane Maria victims are still struggling without power and clean water.

"In Puerto Rico, I was advised to not take showers every day because of the toxicity of the water, and so some days, to protect my skin and to make sure that I stay healthy, sometimes I would go two and three days without showering," said Burkes.

Burkes said he has raised more than $6,000 so far. With that money, he was able to help two families purchase supplies they needed to rebuild their roof.

"We're able to purchase water, groceries, diapers, roofing material,” said Burkes. “Basically, the roofing material that was left on the island."

He said the lack of funding is just one of many problems. He told CBS19 that many families couldn't find the supplies they need because they had been sold out.

"They're limiting water to three cases per family, that's about as much as you can get,” said Burkes. “With the help of some friends over there in Puerto Rico I was able to purchase up to 50 cases of water at a time."

Burkes said he plans on returning to Puerto Rico soon.

"It's going to be frequent,” said Burkes. “I don't know the exact dates but it will be frequent throughout the next year."

He said he plans on raising money to help families build hurricane proof homes. If you would like to donate money, you can do so on his GoFundMe page.