GREGG COUNTY — Two Gregg County school districts were on high alert Thursday, following threats made on social media over the last two days. The threats started Wednesday and were originally posted to the social media messaging app, Snapchat. Each post was sent under the handle, "Redneck Boi". Several of the threats targeted students at Kilgore High School, and in other postings, the sender claimed to be a student of Longview High School.

"Until they figure out who it is, I'm not going back," says Kilgore HS student, Brook-Lynn Henderson.

One of the postings included a picture of Kilgore High School and read, "Y'all don't show up to Kilgore High School today. I'm shooting that *expletive* up forreal. I'm tired of y'all making fun of me and it's time for y'all to pay."

Other postings included an eerie audio, auto tuned recording and some even specified harming students of certain races.

"I just didn't feel safe going back," says Henderson. "They didn't know who the person was yet and it could be anyone at the school today."

"We were really scared to go, so I was like just don't go to school," says Kilgore HS sophomore, Jordyn Hampton. "I said have your mom just drop you off at my home or just stay home or whatever you could possibly do. Just don’t go to school.”

After being alerted to the threats Wednesday, Kilgore ISD and the Kilgore Police Department launched an investigation.

"We’ve increased police presence at our campuses," says Interim KISD Superintendent, Mike Morrison. "We’ve had no incidents to happen, but we were very conscious to make sure we were going to provide for the safety of our students and our staff there.”

The Kilgore ISD sent out an "all call" around 11 a.m. Thursday informing parents about the threat. Also Thursday morning, Longview police and the district started to coordinate with Kilgore police on the investigation, following claims that the threats were coming from a Longview HS student. As all agencies continue to investigate, Longview ISD followed suit and increased police presence at its campuses.

"It disrupts everything and it's not funny," says Morrison. "It's not a game. It's real. If anybody knows anything, they need to let somebody know about it so we can put it to rest."

Both districts sent out automated communication informing parents of the situation and any developments, while Facebook posts on the pages of law enforcement provided updates throughout the day. Those investigating say they've received leads but have yet to identify who may be behind the threats. Representatives with both districts say a police presence will remain high on all campuses while the investigation continues.