It's an act of service Adam Smith felt led to do, while giving the best cuts to his clients.

Going to school without school supplies on the first of school is a feeling Smith knew all too well, growing up. For the month August, Smith will pay it forward by providing all supply donations to the Longview Dream Center, where Landbridge Church and J-Star Ministries are collaborating.

"At times in our life there's always been a lack of something," Smith said, he goes on to say the lack of supplies can make an impact to a child's life. "I understand that agonizing pain of not really fitting in."

Smith said it doesn't matter how much a person contributes, he believes it'll be a benefit to his cause, even for one child. Something his customers see as a noble deed.

Not only is Smith collecting supplies, a percentage of his proceeds from work will go towards the Longview Dream Center.