Kasha Williams' term on the city council was supposed to last until 2020. However, circumstances changed when since she announced her for run for a Gregg county commissioner position. Before the incoming councilman assumes the role of the Longview's third district, the city celebrated all that she's done.

"I grew up in Longview and when I came back I made a conscious decision to get involved," Williams said.

Since 2011, improving areas of South Longview and making it a better environment has been her mission. Something Mayor Andy Mack said he admires about her Williams. Mack said he'll miss serving the city with her after all those years. The mayor described her departure from the city council as bitter-sweet.

CBS 19 reached out to Wray Ward, who is taking her place. Ward said he hopes to continue to the progress Williams has made in the city. He said the former councilwoman did a great job for South Longview, district three.

"I really appreciate her service and everything she did for district three," Ward said.

Being from Longview and growing up in district three, Wade said he's seen the work Williams has contributed. Ward is expected to be sworn in Monday.