LONGVIEW — The Early College Program at Longview High School is going through some changes, but the district confirmed Tuesday it will not be discontinued.

LISD started the program three years ago. At first, the district was only partnered with Kilgore College. Now, the district is partnering with Stephen F. Austin and the Diversity of Texas in Austin.

LISD spokesperson Elizabeth Ross said SFA and UT do not offer Associate’s Degrees, so the district will focus on completing the core 42 hours.

"This is an amazing opportunity to earn college credit from a four year institution," she said. "This also opens the doors for students to transfer into four-year universities."

Longview High School Partnering with two additional institutions allows us to open the doors and offer college courses to all interested students at an affordable rate.

Ross said for a dual credit student, a 3-hour course at Kilgore College is $282.00, SFA is $150.00 and UT is offering college course tuition for free.

With the traditional Early College Program, only 100 students per grade level could go through it. Now, it's unlimited.

LHS will continue to offer the Associate’s Degree track through Kilgore College for students that want to continue on that path.

For students in the Early College program that are interested in working with SFA and UT, we have created a plan that will allow the students to take the majority of their courses through the University of Texas," Ross said.

UT will offer approximately 30 of the 42 hours needed for core completion.

Students that are not in the Early College Program are able to sign up for dual credit courses as well.

Parents are invited out for a meeting related to the Early College Program.

The first is on Thursday May 24 at 6:00 p.m., and the second will be on Thursday May 31 at 6 p.m at Longview High School.