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Video of Longview man accused of participating in riot at US capitol shown as evidence during Jan. 6 Committee hearing

The Jan. 6 panel seeks to show how Trump was grasping for nonexistent options to remain in the White House, according to he Associated Press.
Credit: US Government

TYLER, Texas — Video of a Longview man reportedly taking part in the violent riot at the U.S. capitol was shown as evidence during Thursday's Jan. 6 Committee hearing.

Footage, officials say is of Ryan Nichols, was shown as the committee discussed how former President Donald Trump pressured former Vice President Mike Pence to reject the electoral college votes and "overturn" the 2020 presidential election. 

In Feb. 2022, CBS19 obtained additional video from Jan.6, 2021, of Nichols' alleged involvement in the chaos.

"They are labeling us as anarchists. They are talking about using lethal force against us as we storm the capitol. They are talking about using lethal force against you." 

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According to federal authorities, that quote, and all others throughout this article can be attributed to Nichols who officials say was wearing tactical gear and a ballistic plate, all while armed with a crowbar.

"We're live heading down to the capitol right now, marching. There's millions, millions of Trump supporters out here."

"Pedo Pence has turned on you."

Nichols, a former U.S. Marine, faces five felony and three misdemeanor charges for his alleged conduct on Jan. 6, 2021. Prosecutors say Nichols assaulted officers and obstructed an official proceeding.            

"We clashed with DCPD. We also clashed with Capitol PD."

Court documents further lay out the case against Nichols. They claim Nichols and another riot suspect brought several firearms and ammunition into the area, but didn't take them to the Capitol.

"We're up here fighting, what are you doing to fight for your country today?"

Earlier this year, a judge ruled against Nichols' release from jail ahead of his trial. The judge cited post-riot Facebook posts and videos in which Nichols referred to the event as a "second American Revolution" as part of the reason for his decision. 

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"The second revolutionary war right now, the American revolutionary war that's going on right now, it started today on a Wednesday, it's going to be violent."

In a court filing requesting Nichols' release, his attorney stated Nichols believed he was answering a call from former President Trump.

"When the call to save America from having its democracy stolen was sent out from the sitting President of the United States and commander-in-chief, Ryan Nichols answered without hesitation — Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful. Ryan Nichols stands for violence. Ryan Nichols is done allowing his country to be stolen."

Nichols' lawyer also said his client did not bring any "firearms, knives, chemical sprays, taser, stun gun, sharp object, hand cuffs, rope, or zip-ties" on the day of the riot and was dressed in attire he previously used for search and rescue operations. His legal team also denied the crowbar was a "dangerous weapon" and referred to it as a "prop."

Another East Texan who was allegedly with Nichols, Alex Harkrider, of Carthage, is also facing charges in connection with the riot. 

Court documents state Nichols and Harkrider barricaded the doors with desks and chairs once inside the Capitol. Harkrider is accused of also carrying a tomahawk ax

Nichols is currently in a Washington, D.C., jail and Harkrider is on pre-trial release. 

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