Longview, TX — PFLAG of Longview held a remembrance for the Pulse Nightclub shooting victims at the Gregg County Courthouse Tuesday.

They gathered to read the names of the 49 victims aloud.

Two years ago, Tuesday, deadly shots rang out in Orlando, Florida. Killing 49 and injuring over 50 others.

That night didn't just affect the victims and their families but the LGBTQ communities worldwide.

PFLAG members spoke about how that shooting impacted their community here in East Texas.

"Just remember thinking this could've been me, this could've been my friends, this could have been right here in Longview," Josh Gibson said. "It's really, really sad even now thinking about it, that this could still be us."

Gibson is speaking of the mass shootings that have come after the Pulse shooting.

Christopher Manley remembers how many LGBTQ members were at the Rainbow Members Club, a gay club in Longview.

"We were celebrating after our pride celebration," Manley said. "We were all on a high. We had a great night. Pride festival went very well so it(Pulse) was pretty devastating."

The people gathered at the club stopped celebrating, turned the televisions to the news channel, and watched the events unfold.

Christopher said it scared many in the community in the beginning.

"Initially there was a lot of fear, a lot of people didn't want to go to the bar, go to Dallas. But really it's brought our community together. It's made us stronger. We're more supportive of each other and we're more willing to come and help each other," Manley said.

It has made the group more aware of their surroundings.