Longview police are investigating another animal cruelty case after being notified about a dog that had an arrow in its back Thursday afternoon.

Longview Animal Control received a call a dog with a large arrow sticking out of its back, around Glover and Rawley Court. Animal services said the arrow was 20 inches long. An x-ray also showed pellets from a BB gun embedded in the dog as well.

The dog survived being shot with an arrow and bb gun pellets and is recovering from the injuries. Doctor Christine Prior, a veterinarian with the Longview Animal Shelter, said the dog could have died.

"He's doing well," Dr. Prior said. "He's sore, a little shy and nervous. But, he's breathing well."

Based on the damages, Animal Control Supervisor Chris Kempe said he believes the dog may have been used for target practice. The arrow has a blunt tip and he thinks it was from a cross bow.

Kemper said the arrow's tail has colors that can be identified.

Back in September, lawmakers strengthened animal cruelty punishment. According to the Texas penal code, 42.092, this case could be considered "torture to non-livestock animals". People who violate the code could spend up to 10 years in prison.

This makes the second animal cruelty case in Longview in recent weeks. Less than a week earlier, 31-year-old Curtis Taylor of Longview was arrested for hitting a cat with a baseball bat.

"The Longview police department has a wonderful track record of taking animal cruelty cases very very seriously," Kemper said.

While investigators are searching for the person responsible for hurting the dog, Dr. Prior said the dog should make a full recovery. She said if no one claims responsibility for the dog, it will be put up for adoption.