People in Lindale are worried, after hearing random, loud booms.

A Facebook page called, "What's that sound, Lindale" with more than one hundred people, shows people wondering what the explosions are.

Ashley Stewart is part of that Facebook group, and said her family heard a loud boom on weekend in January, and they keep hearing them.

"Boom! It's not long, it's not drawn out, and it shakes the house," she said. "No safety concerns. It's more of a nuisance. A lot of people were thinking it could be the new toll way being put in."

The only explanation she and others in Lindale can come up with is Tannerite, a legal explosive used for target practice. It's a combination of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, and it's made to explode only when hit with a high-velocity rifle.

"The reason ATF, or Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, as an explosive is that it doesn't meet all the criteria. In other words, it's not detonator, or what we call 'cap sensitive'," said Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith. a former explosives specialist.

He said Tannerite is harmless when used correctly.

Ultimately, there is nothing anyone in Lindale can do.

"It does suck that you have to hear it. It's just one of those things," Stewart said. "We live in East Texas."

Sheriff Smith said if anyone hears a noise they are unsure about, call 9-1-1.