LUFKIN — Students and staff at Lufkin High School must now use their fingerprint for access the school at certain entry points during specific hours of the school day.

After receiving approval from the district’s school board last summer, Lufkin High School became the first school in East Texas to install keyless entry fingerprint scanners at entry-points on campus.

Students and staff alike say the new system is another way to ensure safety on the campus, as well as, a more convenient form of entry for students.

"You may lose your ID and not have your ID, so you probably couldn't get in,” says Adam Holden, Lufkin HS senior. “But now, since all they have to do is scan your finger, your finger is always there.”

Holden says there’s a sense of comfortability in knowing who can enter the building and through which doors.

"My first three years at the high school, there was no kind of security thing here and the doors were unlocked, so people could come in and out of here as they want. "

The biometric scanners are installed at five major side and back entrances to the school. Out of the 2100 students at the school, Principal Brandon Boyd says majority have opted to participate in the fingerprinting process. But for those who have not or for any visitors to the campus, they must use the front door and check-in with the school’s security for verification.

"The students or the families who did not feel comfortable with it, they didn't have to do it,” says Principal Boyd. “It'd just be an inconvenience for them needing to come into the building. But with the biometrics, once it's taken, it's in our system and it's here on campus. It doesn't go anywhere else."

Principal Boyd says there are also built-in security features at each scanning point that unlock the doors from the inside in the case of an emergency.

"The biometrics was just another opportunity to make our building more secure and to keep our kids and our staff safer. But also, allow our kids and our staff easy access to the building. The people who need to be in the building can get in."

And that helps make students like Holden to breathe a little easier when on campus.

"At first, I think people kind of didn't like the idea of having the fingerprinting, but now that we have it going, I think everybody has just kind of adapted to it."

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