Lufkin ISD is implementing new safety measures for the upcoming school year.

They include the hiring of additional parking guards, the installations of fingerprint scanners to gain entry to the high school, a full time K9 officer, and the purchasing of five .223 caliber rifles.

Those safety measures are something parents like Suzy Childers are glad the board is putting into place.

"My gosh, I mean we had a scare last year, and immediately we're all calling our kids and trying to figure out what's going on, so safety is definitely important to us," Childers said.

Her son is a junior at Lufkin High School.

"I think the fingerprinting is going to be a great way to figure out who's on campus, and only allow in those who are going to be there. The dog on campus I think is a great idea too," Childers said.

As for the rifles...

"I think that's okay as long as the right people are using, have access to the rifles," Childers said.

For school board president Scott Skelton, having guns in the school for law enforcement is necessary.

"In gun safes, where only they can access them, were there to be an active shooter situation, and they were in need of a more powerful, longer reaching weapon, they would have access to that. We just don't want to be in an underpowered situation, and regret it," Skelton said.

Lufkin ISD school resource officers already carry service pistols, so these rifles are just the latest addition.

He says he prays every nigh that nothing ever happens to force them into use.

"But we've got to be ready if it does," Skelton said.

For Childers, she said any steps that can be taken to protect her son, should be.

"I want my kid to come out of school safely," Childers said.

The board approved all of these new measures at a meeting last week.