Heather Coker, a Lufkin woman is behind bars after being arrested early Friday evening for public intoxication on the 2900 block of Whitehouse Drive.

Before the arrest, officers from the Lufkin Police Department recieved and responded to a call informing them that a white female was offering drivers passing by "oral pleasure" for $20.

Upon arriving to the scene an officer immediately noticed Coker was intoxicated on some type of narcotics, possibly methamphetamine.

The officer asked Coker is she was offering oral pleasure for money and she told him that she was not doing or saying anything of that sort.

While testing Cokers sobriety, the officer saw that her pupils were dilated and was unable to keep her head still long enough to complete the tests.

After determining that Coker was a danger to herself and others, the Lufkin Police Officer arrested her for Public Intoxication.