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Lufkin Zoo loses endangered giraffe and baby during labor

Kamili, a Maasai giraffe, died on Thursday after an intervention to help her deliver her baby. Neither survived.
Credit: Ellen Trout Zoo

LUFKIN, Texas — The Ellen Trout Zoo is mourning the loss of a giraffe who died during labor, zoo officials reported on their Facebook. 

The giraffe, Kamili, was a Maasai giraffe, which are the largest subspecies of giraffe, as well as endangered. Kamili had been born in Ellen Trout in January 2013. She had been confirmed pregnant last year, and zookeepers were monitoring her progress. 

On Wednesday, June 16, Kamili went into labor. Zookeepers observed her for a day, but on Thursday morning, Kamili has not progressed further.

Ellen Trout Zoo veterinarian Dr. Mike Nance, assisted by Dr. Lindsay Syler of Angelina Animal Hospital, and Dr. Julie Swenson of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, attempted an intervention to help with the delivery. 

"Tragically, in spite of their doing everything humanly possible, neither the offspring or Kamili survived," the zoo announced on Facebook.

Zoo officials are asking the public to be respectful as zoo staff mourns the loss of Kamili.