Upshur County Sheriff's Office have noticed a significant increase in cases of mail theft recently, and the Sheriff's Office is reminding residents of best practices when it comes to mail.

Currently no one has reported thefts but deputies have recovered mail that has been discarded at several locations.

Deputies recovered mail from the South Eastern area of Upshur County which includes the area between Gilmer and Diana from Hwy 154 E. south to the Gregg County Line.

It has also been confirmed that Gregg County Sheriff's Office is also seeing an increase in theft of mail from mailboxes in Northern Gregg County.

Upshur County Sheriff's Office are in the process of contacting the owners of the recovered mail so it can be returned. They are asking the public to watch for anything suspicious and to contact authorities.

"We urge residence to check their mailboxes daily, report any suspicious activity and to notify the Post Office should you not receive any expected mail." UCSO stated. "We also would recommend that if you have out going mail where you are paying a bill with a check or credit card information to "NOT" put it in your mailbox for the postal worker to pick up."

Upshur County Sheriff's Office suggest that you mail your bills at the post office.

The Gilmer Post Office have also confirmed they've had an increase in reported mail theft as well as discarded mail being turned in to their office that involves the same area.

Again, deputies urge the public to report anything suspicious to local authorities.