In a drawer full of his valuable U.S Air Force Medals lies something that may hold value to someone else.

Forty years ago, it was a normal day. He was following his usual route of passing out mail but he didn't expect to find this...

"I found it after we moved out here and we moved out here in 81." Adrian Dunn said.

Years have passed since he found the item along Gentry Parkway in Tyler, but he's always had intentions on returning it.

"I brought it home with me and laid it up and over the years things kept happening. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier." he added.

It wasn't’t until he came across a similar story.

He said, "[It was] about somebody discovering somebody's class ring the news people looked it up, checked it out and found the person it belonged to."

Now, he feels it’s the perfect time with Christmas around the corner to place it on the right finger.

"I don't know I just got to thinking about it and remembered it was back there and went back and got it and decided to go ahead and do it here and since it's coming up on Christmas if you can find who it belongs to it'll be a great Christmas present."

Adrian says he reached out to the owners school, Ranger High, and was told he lives in Tyler. We’ve reached out to the High School for a name and have not gotten any updates yet.

We’ll continue to follow this story in hopes for a special reunion.