While many might be reaching for second helpings on Thanksgiving, some East Texans aren't as fortunate. Meals on Wheels volunteers delivered dinner to hungry families on Thursday.

Several dozen volunteers delivered 135 meals on Thanksgiving.

One volunteer said delivering meals is a tradition passed down through generations.

"My grandmother started taking me when I was probably six," said Katherine Bailey.
Now 30 years old, she said she couldn't imagine her Thanksgiving any other way.

"A lot of people are hungry. A lot of people can't leave their house, or don't have a family, and we just choose to forget about it, and we can't do that," Bailey said.

Bailey's grandmother Mary Joe Hutchins started delivering meals in 1973, when she said there were not nearly as many volunteers.

"When we'd start out we'd have just a few, but a few hungry people are too many," Hutchins said.

Bailey said it can be easy to forget about families who aren't as fortunate. Before you finish a second helping of pie, she said to count your blessings.

"You have your leftover, and you're like, 'Oh my gosh. I can't even eat another bite.' Just think about those people that have just this one meal today, and what you can do to help them in the future," she said.