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Memorial for Faye Swetlik grows at her school

The memorial at Springdale Elementary continues to grow as people remember Faye Swetlik.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A memorial to Cayce 6-year-old Faye Swetlik continues to grow Springdale Elementary School following the death of the Cayce 6-year-old. Swetlik was a first-grader at the school.

Throughout the day, folks have come by to drop off balloons, teddy bears, flowers and a host of items to simply pay respect.

"I can halfway, with kids and grand kids and great grand kids, I can halfway understand how they feel and what they’re going through," says Danny Moore, a passerby who wanted to pay his respects.

Moore goes on to say he didn't know the 6-year-old or her family but the news is still gut wrenching. "We’ve been following this since day one, since she got missing on Monday," says Moore. "We kept up with it all we could since then. It’s a real tragedy, so I just wanted to come by and pay my respects."

Credit: Michael Fuller

Many parents were seen dropping off and picking up children from school today, including Bill Doyle. Doyle's daughter Katie is in the first grade, just like Faye. He describes the atmosphere at the school in the wake of the tragic news. 

"As far as inside the school the under girth is solemn of course but a lot of hugs a lot of smiles" says Doyle, "I think the staff is doing a great job with the students under the circumstances.

Doyle mentioned that today some of the students were making Valentine’s Day cards to honor and show love for Faye, he says he doesn’t know where those cards are going but knows the support is strong for a little girl gone way to soon.

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