Mosquitoes that were trapped and screened in a West Austin zip code tested positive for West Nile virus, officials confirmed Thursday.

These mosquitoes, which came from the 78746 zip code, were the first to test positive for the virus this year. As of Thursday, no human cases of the West Nile Virus have been reported so far this year, Austin Public Health said.


Mosquito sample in Cedar Park tests positive for West Nile Virus

About 80 percent of people infected with the virus show no symptoms, which include fever, headache, tiredness, and body aches, occasionally with a skin rash on the trunk of the body and swollen lymph glands, health officials said.

Residents should do the following in order to avoid the virus:

-Drain standing water in flower pots, pet dishes or clogged gutters so mosquitoes don’t have a place to breed. Treat water that can’t be drained

-Defend by using an EPA-approved insect repellent

-Dress in long sleeves and pants when outdoors