NASCAR driver Joey Gase and his team made a pit stop at Longview Regional Medical Center Thursday to bring awareness to organ and tissue donation.

Millions of people have been given the chance of life again because of donors. Two years ago Tracey Lyons needed a new liver.

"I actually had two liver transplants in 2014," Lyons says. "The first one was rejected and I had a second one, four months later."

Tracey received the gift of life. Right now about 120 thousand people are waiting for that chance, according to

"The reason I am so passionate about it is because my mom was an organ donor and she helped to improve the lives of 66 people."NASCAR driver Joey Gase says. "It's important to advocate."

This weekend at Texas Motor Speedway, he will be racing with Donate Life Texas on his car.

People also left their hand prints on the car to help show their support. On the back pictures of volunteer advocates who received organ transplants.

"If you're not a donor it's just going to go with you, and its no good when you are gone," Lyons says. "It's best to be helpful and save lives."

If you would like to become an organ donor go online to

Also, you can visit a Texas Department of Public Safety office. While your applying for or renewing your license check the box for organ donor. On the back of your card will be an red organ donor heart."