NORFOLK, Va (WVEC) -- A Navy sailor says someone set his car on fire inside a Norfolk city parking garage.

Zachary Moore says he was out to sea when it happened. He just bought the Jeep as an addition to his motorcycle.

"It was a 2018 Jeep, beautiful car. I really loved it," he said.

Norfolk fire officials say the Jeep was found engulfed in flames on April 15 around 3 a.m at the Bank St. garage.

"I was out to sea for a week and got a Facebook message from my girlfriend,” Moore said. "I mean, she described it as saying someone ‘Blew up my car!’"

Moore said the engine was blown out, tires melted and interior damaged.

"It was deemed a total loss,” Moore said. “That car is shot, which sucks."

The Norfolk Fire Marshal’s office put out surveillance video of the suspect who was spotted walking out of an elevator.


"The way it was described to me is that he takes a lighter to my fender for a while. He walks away and then a couple minutes after that, the car is on fire,” Moore said.

The 3rd class petty officer said he has no idea why he was targeted and hopes the man is caught and charged.

Thankfully, he wasn’t too attached to the Jeep.

"I bought a truck this time,” he said. “Jeeps are a little bad luck.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call investigators at 757-615-3313.