TYLER, Texas — Just in time for the holiday travel season, the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NET RMA) has formally launched its "Roadside Rangers" program.

Those driving on Toll 49 will experience the benefits of the free program that enhances highway safety and provides roadside assistance whenever it's needed. 

The three-person team will operate seven days a week to assist drivers in need. The "Roadside Rangers" will also resolve roadway maintenance issues such as clearing debris and repairing guard rails, signs and pot holes. 

If a traveler gets stuck on Toll 49 when their vehicle stops running, "Roadside Rangers" can help by: 

  • Offering a gallon of gas 
  • “Jump-starting” vehicles if the battery is dead. 
  • Refilling oil 
  • Refilling a radiator with antifreeze/coolant
  • Changing a flat tire

 “Anybody pulled over on the side of the road, we're going to stop and check on them to make sure they are OK,” says Mark McClanahan, Director of Maintenance for NET RMA. “It’s not safe to be on the side of any road and we are going to make sure everyone gets on their way.”

“Our three Roadside Rangers are NET RMA’s eyes on the road,” says Chris Miller, Executive Director of NET RMA. “By proactively responding to maintenance issues, as well as motorist assistance, they are making Toll 49 safer.”

With many travelers utilizing Toll 49 to get in and out of Tyler for holiday shopping and events, the "Roadside Rangers" program will be particularly helpful.

“We strive to provide excellent customer service,” says McClanahan. “Our customers are paying to drive on Toll 49, so we should give them a little extra service.”

Currently, "Roadside Rangers" patrol Toll 49 seven days week assisting stranded motorists during the day with a goal of eventually expanding the to a 24/7 program.