TYLER — Three inches, that's how much the Toll 49 bridge shifted following a fatal 18 wheeler wreck on Monday.

The driver, identified as Anthony Watkins, hit the overpass when driving on I-20.

According to the North East Regional Mobile Authority, the bottom line is that the shift didn't do anything to damage the safety of the bridge.

Immediately after the crash, the bridge was inspected by TxDOT and deemed safe.

It re-opened late Monday afternoon after the crash.

NET RMA said the bridge will need repairs, they won't come until after they've finished work on the Toll 49 expansion project.

"It has been cleared by TxDOT, to be operational. It's going to have to be fixed," Chris Miller, the Executive Director of NET RMA said. "And once we're able to open up our new bridges, in association with the new segment we're putting in, North of I-20, we'll go ahead and shut that bridge down, and then get it repaired, but we don't need to do it right away."

They don't currently have a timeline for when that shutdown for repairs will be.